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IFCM to Host the Last NOLA of the Year on November 5th

It’s that time of year again…

where we recover from our Halloween candy comas and prepare for a mild Miami holiday season– but long before we even think about wrapping up presents, we must wrap up a year of amazing local talent with the last I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. of 2014.

On November 5th, Indie Film Club Miami invites all of South Florida’s fabulous creatives to the last I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. of the year. Enjoy local music, comedy, films, and find out which director will be the final audience winner of 2014.

Want to see ALL the winning films of the year? Be sure to catch them all at Filmgate Interactive, where we will be screening the Best Of I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. in February!

Meet the Filmmakers

1. Adam Ball - Sergio and Natasha


2. Alexander Beresford - A Little Panic a Little Fear

Coming from a writing and acting background, Alexander has lately been added directing and producing to the mix, working on a series of Horror shorts in preparation for a budgeted feature film he’ll be writing and directing in 2015.

AlexBeresfordPicture LPLF_Beresford

3. David Chavez - Within the Flesh

chavez WTFstill

David Chavez was born and raised in Queens, NY.  At the age of 7 he began making films with his dads camera and knew since then that directing would be what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

4. Jonathan Cuartas - Twelve Traditions

Jonathan is a filmmaker from Miami, FL. He works alongside his brother, Michael Cuartas. He’s written and directed two short films: The Pallor and Twelve Traditions.


5. Eugenie Dufloo - The Cry

Eugenie is 17 years old, and currently a high school student trying to get her work recognized in the industry

1939479_792304577495449_7644196881249667593_oThe Cry


6. Michele Gianelli – The Man-App – Episode 1

Michele is a filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and assistant director with years of experience working on Feature Films, Television Series and Movies, Independent Films, Music Videos, Commercials and Web Series in Vancouver, B.C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Albuquerque and now Miami.

Michele Gianelli - PhotoThe Man-App - Still (michele)

7. Ramiro Hernandez - Pravus

After a successful career as a CPA, Ram’s excessive high energy delved into the craft of putting stories on film.

ramiro hernandez pravus poster- ramiro

8. Danielle Kipnis – TAGGED

Danielle is a New York native currently dancing and choreographing in Miami, Florida. She has performed at Jacob’s Pillow, and presented work in Miami for Art Basel, the New World Symphony, ScreenDance Miami, and Heroes Unite’s Mobile Micro Theater, a traveling black box school bus. She received her BS in Dance and English from Northwestern University where she worked with prominent Chicago artists and founded her own jazz and musical theatre company which continues to perform at Northwestern in Chicago.

danielle photo IMG_1852

9. Bert Oliva -  InstruMENTAL

Filmmaker, director and show creator Bert Oliva is CEO/Founder of BOWAworld, a training and development organization that includes seminars, professional coaching, keynotes, and corporate trainings. In 2013 Bert formed a new film studio, BOWA Studios. This is a division of BOWAworld that is a full-service multimedia and video production company, which provides such services to clients around the world.


10. Egon von Schirach - Pyramids in Space

Born in the Magic City of Tropical Miami, Egon was raised and influenced by all the right people, this Cuban-German works with many various local artist and companies, always catering to success.

Egon von Schirach (1) pyramids in space - egon

11. Mickey Munday - Last Rights Inc. 

Comedy Guests: Cage-Free Humans

Cage-Free Humans is Miami’s newest (and only so far!) dedicated Harold Improv team, and will showcase their talents before the screening.

cage-free humans



Musical Guests: Baker

Baker consists of members Mishal Moore and Richard Cortez. Baker (named after Chet Baker), transformed from a lone songwriting project, to a deeply rooted symbiosis of sound and verse. The duo produced 22 original compositions within 4 months. Check out their music on their website!







6:45 – 7:00 PM: Comedy by Cage Free Humans

7:00 – 7:15 PM: Trivia and IFCM Introduction

7:15 – 8:30 PM: Films

1. Pravus – Ramiro Hernandez
2. Pyramids in Space – Egon von Schirach
3. Within the Flesh – David Chavez
4. A Little Panic A Little Fear – Alexander Beresford
5. Last Rights Inc – Jared Ryder/ Mickey Munday
6. Twelve Traditions – Jonathan Cuartas
7. InstruMENTAL – Bert Oliva
8. The Cry – Eugenie Dufloo
9. The Man-App – Michele Gianelli
10. TAGGED – Danielle Kipnis
11. Sergio and Natasha – Adam Ball

8:30 – 9:00 PM: Director Q&A/ Awards

9:00 – 9:30 PM: Musical performance by Baker

“Tommy” Starring Lykke Li to Premiere at III Points

III Points Festival, FilmGate Interactive and O Cinema present:
Friday, October 10th
5pm – 7pm
O Cinema (90 NW 29th Street)
$10/free with III Point All Access Passes
Lykke Li stars in director Tarik Saleh’s Swedish thriller, TOMMY. In it, Estelle (Lykke Li) returns to Sweden to seek out her bank robbing husband Tommy’s former cronies and claims that Tommy is on his way home to get his share of the take. Word spreads like wildfire  through Stockholm’s underworld. If Tommy returns, the city will explode. Tommy is about two sisters, two mothers, three daughters and their men.
Post-screening Q & A via Skype with director Tarek Saleh.  Tarek has directed Lykke Li’s music videos, Love me Like I’m Not Made of Stone, No Rest For The Wicked and Sadness is a Blessing, before directing his debut feature TOMMY with the Swedish Film Institute.


Tarik Saleh


Anton Hagwall


Moa GammelLykke LiOla Rapace


Don’t miss this must-see event to kick-off the III Points festivities!

To reserve your seats, find tickets here




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Andrea Mendoza

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She joined WebLift in 2014 and is in charge of the managed marketing division. She is the primary point of contact for new and existing clients and loves to brainstorm and develop new strategies to increase reach, conversions, and overall effectiveness.

As a native of Peru, and a part of South Florida culture for almost 10 years, she also has a unique passion for Spanish-language marketing and marketing targted to Latin American. She is creative, passionate, and always up for a challenge. When she’s not devising business solutions, you can find her reading or pursuing her passion for the performing arts through dance, acting, or playing guitar.


Where: O Cinema Wynwood, 90 NW 29th Street

When: October 4

Time: 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Halloween comes to NOLA!

The first Wednesday of the month has never been spookier.

This October at I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A., Indie Film Club Miami celebrates all that is gory with horror flicks submitted by local filmmakers — because what’s better than knowing that your neighbors have a thing for fake blood?

Our Directors this month:

  • Ayoub Qanir
  • Paul-Vincent Alexander
  • George Kaplan
  • Charles Pazos
  • Alfredo Abaunza
  • Adam Ball
  • Egon von Schirach
  • Alexander Beresford
  • Peter Martin

With Musical Guests: Big Chief

The event will take place at O Cinema Wynwood, 90 NW 29th St. on October 1, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

It’s Back: I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. September Edition

Miami, an international hub for different people, cultures, religions… and filmmakers!

The September edition of I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. will be a tribute to Miami’s rich diversity, and is themed “Films with Subtitles”. All films screened must have subtitles, and we invite all of our internationally inspired filmmakers to submit at

As is with each month, the winner of our September NOLA will have their film screened in February at Filmgate Interactive; Filmgate is the only transmedia festival of its kind in the world, and attracts audiences from all over the US, Canada, Europe, South and Central Americas, and more. Not to mention, you will have the chance to win the Pink Kraken Award for the Best of I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. 2014!

Please note that this month’s I’M NOT GONNA MOVE TO L.A. is on Thursday, September 4, instead of the first Wednesday of the month. Same time different day! This is a one time thing, all other NOLAs will continue to be held on the first Wednesday of every month.

To stay up to date, visit our facebook event page:

Location: O Cinema Wynwood, 90 NW 29 St

Time: 6:30 – 9:30