You just finished your film, now what? Does your family want to see their executive producer credit on the big screen? Are your actors asking where their fans and paparazzi are, while your extras are begging for a copy for their reel? Does your cinematographer need to see his master piece on a bigger scale rather than a 12-inch laptop? Is your editor ready to see the daylight? Did your sound recordist keep your film from being silent? Do you think your film will be the audience darling? Do you need a tangible award to boost your filmmaking id? Do you need feedback on your final film or (ahem rough cut)?

Now accepting admissions for Wednesday, March 4, 2015.


  1. We now accept all categories and genres of 25 minutes or less for our monthly screenings at INDIEFILMCLUB's flagship event called I'M NOT GONNA MOVE TO LA
  2. All submissions need to be accompanied by a short synopsis, a director’s bio, a director’s photo and a still from the film
  3. You must be the rights owner of the film or have the authorization to exhibit
  4. Acceptable exhibition format is .mov file (self contained), H.264 Compression
  5. Is there a cost? Yes, a small administration/screening fee of $25 or $50 depending on your film length. Pay by Paypal; check or cash (contact us at if you are paying by the latter)
  6. Submit film via our vimeo account, make it private and downloadable, send us your password. You can also drop off a usb of your film at O Cinema. E-mail us your materials at For features, we need a DVD or Blu Ray.
  7. If your project has an executable TRANSMEDIA element, your film gains free entry (transmedia = your story is told in different mediums)
  8. Transmedia component can be: comic book, book, website, blog, dance, movement, flash mob, game, live performance or anything else that we have not thought of, but enhances your story
  9. Become a Member (see our membership options) Meet creatives, Meet talent, Check out the musicial guests willing to assist in the sound of your film, discounts , free exclusive events and more

Step 1 - Buy The Time

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Step 2 - Complete The Form

Step 3 - Submit Your Film


Step 4 - Send us your Director Photo

Send to

Step 5 - You have submitted, now what?

We look forward to screening it at our “I”m Not Going to Move to LA” event. Please understand that what you’ve submitted is what will be played. As a filmmaker, we know it is vital for you to share your film with an audience. That is the purpose of these events. At the end of the screening, the audience will vote for their favorite film of the evening and the winner will receive a prize. While these prizes change monthly, all are meant to facilitate your next film. Invite your friends and family to come, vote for you and join in the fun. You will receive one (1) complimentary ticket. Since our events tend to sell out, we recommend that anyone else that you invite purchase their ticket online in advance. We also encourage that you take the time to promote (facebook, twitter, news coverage, meetup groups) your film’s screening at this event as much as you can.  The more people come to see your film, the better your chances at the Audience award. Thank you and we look forward to screening your film at the event.


Thank you,
Indie Film Club Miami